Is BTM Forum membership required?

Yes, membership is required before you can access the Certification application. Membership is free.

English is not my first language, will this hurt my ability to achieve the certification?

The BTM Certification process is available in both official languages.

How can my BTM Certifications be verified?

An online search tool is provided via the BTM Forum public website. It will display your name and your certification status. You will also be provided with a Digital Certificate that you can use on your social media platforms. It includes a graphic with meta data to your online profile.

How much does the Certification cost?

How do I maintain my Certification requirements?

We encourage certification holders to maintain their competency and capability by continuously updating their skills and knowledge. You can maintain your online profile 24/7 by recording your professional development activities against the BoK.

What will I receive after I pass?

You will have the option to request an electronic and/or printed version of your a certificate. You will also have access to the applicable BTM Certification logo to include on business cards and email signature.

What if I do not pass my Certification review?

We do provide an official appeal process

Many times candidates that do not pass find the process invaluable to their personal and professional growth. You will be eligible to re-attempt your certification in 48 hours after your original attempt.

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