The BTM Forum was founded in 2016 as an autonomous marquee umbrella organization to build on the Business Technology Management (BTM) initiative.

The BTM Forum is the leading organization for professionals with Business Technology Management acumen. We represent highly qualified professionals who demonstrate an ongoing commitment to providing the highest standards of service and best business practices. The BTMF is a community of people who share interest in the Business Technology Management as a profession and who come together to fulfill both individual and group goals. The BTM Forum focusses on sharing best practices and creating new knowledge to advance the domain of professional practice. Interaction on an ongoing basis is an important part of this. We provide both face-to-face and virtual opportunities to create collaborative environments to communicate, connect, and conduct community activities.

The BTM Forum provides a new model for connecting people in the spirit of learning, knowledge sharing and collaboration as well as individual, group and organizational development.

  • Technology Community

    BTM Forum connects people who might not otherwise have an opportunity to interact

  • Shared Context

    The BTM Forum provides a shared context for people to communicate and share information in a way that builds understanding and insight.

  • Problem Solving Together

    BTM Forum enables dialogue between people who come together to explore new possibilities, solve challenging problems, and create new opportunities.

  • Stimulating Learning

    BTM Forum stimulates learning by serving as a vehicle for authentic communication, mentoring, coaching and self reflection

  • Improving Practice

    BTM Forum captures and diffuse existing knowledge to help people improve their practice by providing a forum to identify solutions to common problems.

  • Generating New Knowledge

    BTM Forum generates new knowledge to help people transform their practice to accommodate changes in needs and technologies.

Our purpose is driven by our vision: To be the recognized leader advancing the profession of Business Technology Management (BTM) worldwide.

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