BTM TalentMash

BTM TalentMash is the annual event designed to connect employers with BTM students, and spread awareness about the BTM program.


BTM Forum administers three certifications:

  • BTM Associate (BTMA)
  • BTM Professional (BTMP)

Program Accreditation

Our accreditation program assures that programs meet national standards to produce graduates ready to enter Business Technology Management (BTM) related fields that are leading the way in innovation, competitiveness, and emerging technologies.

Standards and Guidelines

The BTM Forum works with academic institutions and employers to advance BTM practices through the development of standards and guidelines within a voluntary, non-proprietary and consensus-based process. 


Building relationships within the BTM community is one of the most valued BTM Forum offerings. Our members connect globally, 24/7. Through our we offer a full fledged social network capability. The thriving online community keeps members and BTM practitioners connected.

Professional Development

BTM offers a range of professional development opportunities to ensure practitioners are prepared to meet any challenge. From webinars and online learning to classroom programs. BTM programs are designed to support career advancement and success.

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