Business Technology Management (BTM) is a new professional designation, but it is not just the rebranding of MIS and ITM. It is recognition of the changing industry, requiring new job roles, and more complex career paths that cross (blurred) traditional boundaries.

It is motivated broadly by the ongoing digital transformation, along with the changing importance of large and small organizations, and their networks throughout markets and community spaces.

This trend is not just about IT, and quite different from traditional business change, therefore requiring a rethinking of the theories and standards guiding practitioners. 

It is about innovation and strategy, redefining business, markets and community spaces in a way never envisioned, while developing and implementing technology closer to the frontier, out of the CIO comfort zone.

It requires leaders with hybrid technology and management expertise, along with a strong business acumen.

Career Paths That Integrate Technology and Management


Job Roles in Traditional BTM Areas


Portfolio Management, Risk Management, Regulatory Compliance


Enterprise Architecture, Business Process Management, Change Leadership    


Business Analysis, Quality Assurance, Project Management    


Information Management, Business Analysis, End-User Experience    


Service Management, Infrastructure Management, Cyber Security    


Job Roles in IT that require a high level of Business and Management acumen


Entrepreneurs and CIO's, Development Team Leads, IT Product Managers    


User Experience Innovator, Creative Team Lead, Digital Product Manager    


Strategic Management, Digital Transformation, Project Management    


Industry Analyst, Open Source Leaders, Public Interest Leaders, Educators    

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