Accreditation by the Business Technology Management Accreditation Council (BTMAC) provides assurance that a program meets the quality standards of the profession for which that program prepares graduates.  

The BTMAC accredits programs, not institutions and the accreditation is voluntary.

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Why Accreditation Matters

Our accreditation assures that programs meet national standards to produce graduates ready to enter Business Technology Management (BTM) related fields that are leading the way in innovation, competitiveness and emerging technologies.

Be confident in your education— BTM accreditation is the trusted standard for employers.

Your degree is a significant achievement and perhaps the largest investment you will make toward your future. The quality of education you receive makes a big difference in your career success.

BTM accreditation:

  • Verifies that your educational experience meets the standard for education in your profession.
  • Enhances your employment opportunities—multinational corporations value graduation from an accredited program.
  • Supports your entry to the BTM profession through certification.
  • You should be aware that not all programs at every college and university are accredited. Make sure that the program you’re interested in is accreditation.

What Accreditation Assures? An accredited program assures prospective students that:

  • the institution is committed to improving their educational experience
  • the program is committed to using best practices and innovation in education
  • the program is guided by its industry, government, and academic constituents through formal feedback
  • the program considers the students’ perspective as part of its continuous quality improvement process

Information video courtesy of the Association of Specialized and Professional Accreditors
Watch this video from the Association of Specialized & Professional Accreditors

Informational videos courtesy of the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA)
Accreditation and Its Value to You (VIDEO)

BTM accreditation demonstrates your commitment to delivering quality education.

The accreditation review process is an intensive team effort, and program accreditation is voluntary in Canada. So why go to the trouble? Because the process yields data and insights, you can use to deliver the best educational experience and preparation for your students.

Accreditation tells your prospective students, peers, and the professions you serve that your program:

  • Has received recognition of its quality.
  • Promotes “best practices” in education.
  • Directly involves faculty and staff in self-assessment and continuous quality improvement processes.
  • Is based on “learning outcomes,” rather than “teaching inputs.”

There’s no doubt that the accreditation review process is an intensive team effort. However, the accreditation process yields a wealth of information that programs can use to deliver the very best education for their students.

When quality standards are applied and promoted, the results are a better-educated, geographically mobile, diverse workforce well prepared to advance innovation and excel professionally in fields of critical importance to society.

Accreditation criteria are developed by professionals from the field of BTM.  Accreditation assessors are trained experts who evaluate programs for relevancy, content, and quality. We promote excellence in education by focusing on continuous quality improvement processes, not by prescribing methods. With technological change occurring so rapidly, institutions seeking to ensure their programs are dynamically evolving participate in the BTMAC accreditation process.


  • Ensures that graduates have met the educational requirements necessary to enter the profession.
  • Provides opportunities for the industry to guide the educational process to reflect current and future needs.
  • Provides trust that graduates of BTMAC accredited programs are prepared to enter the workforce.
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