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BTM BOK Overview

Business and government everywhere are being transformed by technology, and all organizations of any size and sophistication are required to rethink their business models and IT investments. This creates an unprecedented demand for a new generation of leaders with hybrid skillsets, requiring IS and IT professions to grow beyond their fragmented specializations.

To overcome these challenges, ITAC created the BTM initiative to promote a renewed sense of community and help map the many career paths crossing business and technology functions. It launched the BTM Forum to help develop new professional certifications, program accreditation standards, and learning guides to help prepare the next generation of digital transformation leaders.

As the BTM Forum’s core standard, the BTM BOK will serve as a reference web site to guide practitioners at all levels of competency: associate, professional, manager, and executive. It does not replace existing BOKs, but instead provides a generic core model centered on business value and technology, instructing what knowledge and certifications are required to enter new BTM positions.

The BTM BOK is delivered in a single Eclipse Process Framework (EPF) Wiki, developed through an open community effort to simplify the relationships between several BOKs. It is supported by multiple citations to academic and professional literature, helping learners find the most trusted sources. It is also highly open and customizable, with API to reuse its contents in various Talent Management functions (e.g., custom BTM-compliant job descriptions, automated matching of CVs and job competencies, learning path recommendations given prior experience for recognized BTM careers, etc.).

BTM BOK V 0.1 Overview