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Join other BTM professionals who demonstrate their professionalism, commitment to the field, and dedication to continual improvement with the BTM Certification.

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About BTM Certification

Founded in 2016, BTM Certification provides formal recognition of your expertise and professional integrity.

BTM Certified Professionals are required to:

  • Meet the standard of business technology management knowledge according to National Occupational Standards (NOS) for BTM in Canada
  • Remain on top of current practices by meeting the ongoing professional development requirements

The BTM Governing Council (BTMGC) is responsible for the overseeing the administration, evaluation and ratification of BTM certification in Canada.

Apply Online

The online application process allows you to document your education and experience against the BTM Certification standards. You must first be a registered member (membership is free) to create your online application.

Need assistance in the sign up process? Watch video for detailed instructions.






Application Fee

To upgrade from Associate to Professional: $300

Triennial Re-Certification Fee: $150

Plus applicable taxes

Please note: 
The application fees are non-refundable, even in the event of an unsuccessful application for certification.

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