Why Join?

Our membership model is simple. Create a community of practicing Business Technology Management (BTM) professionals and allow that collective body to drive standards according to their needs. The BTM profession is continuously evolving and BTM practitioners are eager to learn about the latest technology and best practices. The BTM Forum membership makes this possible.

Individual Membership is Free!

Basic Membership (Free) allows people new to the organization to explore an unlimited selection of benefits and learn more about the BTM Forum.

  • Membership Offers Benefits to All

    Whether you're a recent graduate, mid/late career professional or academic, membership to the BTM forum offers opportunities to build relationships, exchange ideas, and share best practises with peers.

  • Professional Development Opportunities

    You'll have access to Chapter activities and events in your community, special interest groups, webcasts related to the BTM profession, our online membership directory, and ample opportunities for networking.

  • Gain BTM Certification

    Gain our digital badge of BTM Certification through our online application process and maximize your brand visibility and recognition.

  • Impact the BTM Profession

    Join the movement to create a strong branded recognition for the BTM profession; conduct self-assessment against the  BTM Body of Knowledge (BoK) and National Occupational Standards (NOS), and be involved in the evolution and work of the BTM Forum.

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