BTM Forum for Practitioners

As a BTM professional you are already at the forefront of Canada's rapidly developing and in-demand Business Technology Management industry. Why not impact and benefit from it directly through the BTM Forum?

The BTM Forum is a marquee organization that promotes BTM as a source of professional identity. It was established in response to the growing necessity for professionals to harness not just technological or business skills, but to understand how knowledge of both skillsets work together to drive success and opportunity across the digital landscape. 

Our membership model is simple. Create a community of practicing BTM professionals and allow that collective body to drive standards in accordance with their needs. Make it accessible by providing professionals with free membership, but enhance leadership and career opportunities through the development of the BTM certification stream, which is available to professionals at a BTM Certified Professional or BTM Certified Executive level.

BTM Forum Membership is Free!

BTM Forum Membership allows people new to the organization to explore an unlimited selection of benefits and learn more about the BTM Forum, but to truly experience the benefits of the BTM Forum practitioners are invited to apply for Certified BTM status. BTM certification acknowledges an objective proof of knowledge, competence, and capability in the broad field of BTM. It is interconnected with an established Body of Knowledge (BoK) that sets the standard for BTM proficiency in Canada.  

Our BTM Forum Principal Aims

  • We engage with the public in order to inform and facilitate appreciation of the successes and challenges of the BTM domain, and promote informed debate about the roles BTM professionals should play in society at large
  • We support a community inclusive of scholars, researchers and professionals with a shared commitment to the advancement of the BTM community
  • We endeavour to ensure the relevance of BTM knowledge throughout the education, business and research sectors in order to 
  • We nurture ingenuity, inventiveness and innovation in BTM
  • We advance opportunities for Certified BTM Professionals, a designation that is industry recognized and respected by organizations such as CIOCAN and ITAC, to develop a network of industry leaders and innovators

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