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The BTM Forum helps you to establish the career of your dreams while connecting you with industry leaders, career opportunities, thought leadership, advanced education and networking opportunities. 


What is the BTM Forum?

There is a professional organization out there for almost everything and thanks to the BTM Forum there is now one that specifically addresses your needs as a Business Technology Management (BTM) student, graduate and prospective professional.

The BTM Forum was created in response to the growing need for professionals to possess both ICT and business skills. A recent report by Randstad found jobs in ICT remain among the most in demand in Canada, while roles that combine business acumen top the list in 2017. Business analysts, quality assurance, financial reporting analysts and systems analysts are just a few of the BTM-related careers growing in demand across Canada. This is only the latest in evidence that supports the future of BTM careers in Canada and speaks to the necessity to shorten the ICT talent gap in today's workforce. It also highlights the significance of harnessing and developing your BTM skills. 

BTM programs now operate in more than 20 post secondary institutions in Canada. By joining the BTM Forum, you will be connected with fellow students and prospective employers from across the country. You'll gain access to industry leaders, networking, and career opportunities that recognize and want your skills as a BTM student. You also have an opportunity to enhance your profile as a BTM professional with the industry recognized and respected BTM Certification stream, which you can learn more about here.

Our Principal Aims

  • We ensure broader recognition of BTM-type careers and career paths as a distinctive, attractive and prestigious family of professions by the hundreds of employers connected to the BTM Forum. No need to explain your knowledge, qualifications, or competency. Employers know what BTM means!
  • We inform and involve students, educators and employers in collaborative program activities, conferences and special events in order to foster the quality, engagement, adoption and the flourishing of the BTM brand and professional identity
  • We support career advancement and professional networking capability within the BTM community
  • We advance the interest and give a voice and face to professionals within the BTM career paths, while also providing clarity around jobs and career paths within BTM
  • We provide access to innovative professional development opportunities for students such as our National Online BTM Competition co-hosted by IT World Canada

For More Information

View the certification guide by clicking the button below and don't forget to join our social media platforms on Twitter and Facebook to stay in the know about events, opportunities and BTM Forum initiatives.

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