Call for Participation, Program, and Shared Presentations

Date and Time

Mon, May 29, 2017

9:00 AM – 4:00 PM EDT


ESG UQAM, 320 St Catherine St East, Montrea, H2X 1L7

J.-A.-DeSève (DS) – Building, Room DS-R340 (ground level)


We hosted 4 fully interactive roundtables of 1:20 each:

9:00 - Welcome by organizers
9:10 - Session 1: BTM Profession Dynamics
10:30 - Health Break with Refreshments
10:40 - Session 2: Uniting BTM Professionals
12:00 - Lunch and Keynote Speaker
13:00 - Session 3: BTM Body of Knowledge
14:20 - Health Break with Refreshments
14:30 - Session 4: BTM Stakeholders Alliance
15:50 - Closing Address


Thanks to Participants

Dear BTM Symposium Participants,

On behalf of ITAC and the BTM Forum, it was pleasure to welcome you to our Monday 29th event at ESG UQAM.

We are very grateful for our 50 participants who registered to join us in exploring how we may develop BTM as the new profession for IS and ITM.

As shown in the table below, we have 19 professors from 11 colleges and universities from across Canada, 11 members and executives from 9 organizations and associations, and 20 professionals at all ranks and specializations of BTM.

Our special thanks go to ESG UQAM and their Professors for hosting this unique meeting, and accepting to join us in great numbers.













Academic institutions: Athabasca, Calgary, Concordia, ESG UQAM, ETS, HEC, McMaster, Red River, Ryerson, TELUQ, UQO.

Associations and professional groups: CPA, IIBA, ITAC, OMCP, PMI, TechnoComp., ITIL, Adm.A., European Com.


Our day-long program is very dynamic, hosting 4 fully interactive roundtables of 1:20 each. We want to draw on your best ideas where you will influence the development of our BTM professional association, certification, and Body of Knowledge (BOK).

In Opening, Stéphane Gagnon, Prof. at UQO, will act as moderator for the day, and outline our program as well as address key logistical concerns for our participants.

Session 1 will consist of 3 presentations with discussions, primarily to introduce the agenda and learn from similar experiences:

9:10 - Origins and Evolution of the BTM Initiative

Gina van Dalen, Executive Director at ITAC, and

Elie Elia, Prof. at ESG UQAM and Chair of the BTM Forum Governing Council

9:30 - Future of BTM as the new Profession for IS/ITM

Stéphane Gagnon, Prof. at UQO

10:00 - Lessons in Growing a Profession, Certification, and BOK: The PM² Community in the EU-28

Nicos Kourounakis, Senior Consultant for the PM² Project Management Methodology at the DIGIT of the European Commission (by Skype).

Session 2 at 10:40 will be moderated by Elie Elia, Prof. at ESG UQAM, and will take the form of a series of questions asking participants to explain how they find interest in the BTM community and to express their current concerns about this newly born profession. He will synthesize the results from different perspectives and identify a set of key-issues to organize Working Groups to have brainstorming sessions during lunch.

Please join us for lunch at 12:00, and participate in 3 Working Groups where we will “brainstorm” on 5-7 priorities to develop the BTM profession.

Session 3 at 13:00 will be moderated by Stéphane Gagnon, and begin with a 30-min. tour of our 3 Working Groups, reporting briefly about their brainstorming. We will follow with a synthesis to help design the new “architecture” of our BTM BOK (probably filling our 2 white boards plus some 20+ post-it pages throughout the room).

Session 4 at 14:30 will be a “Call to Action”, moderated by Raul Valverde, Prof. at Concordia University, who will invite participants to take their “stakeholder hats”, and share with the audience what they would like their respective organizations to do to support the new BTM profession.

In Closing at 15:50 we will outline our work program for the next 12 months, and how we will further involve each one of you to develop BTM as the new profession for IS and ITM.

Staying in Touch

As ITAC must conform to privacy laws, we will not share all the names and emails of our 50 participants. You will however receive a name tag and seat ID so all can know each other. We will make seating arrangements to ensure diversity across the room.

We hope all participants will want to stay in touch by joining our BTM Forum web site and LinkedIn Group:

Call for Participation

Business Technology Management Symposium: “BTM as A New Profession for IS and ITM”

What is the BTM Symposium about?

We propose to develop Business Technology Management (BTM) as the new professional association, certification, and Body of Knowledge (BOK) uniting Information Systems (IS) and Information Technology Management (ITM) graduates.

ITAC Talent and its BTM Forum invites all IS and ITM faculty, along with executives of a dozen professional associations, to join a working group with a Symposium on May 29, 2017.

Who are IS and ITM professionals?

Whether following a BBA or MBA, IS and ITM graduates pursue very diverse career paths, often combining several professional certifications.

For example, a frequent profile of IS grads is to combine Business Analysis, Project Management, and IT Services Management as they are promoted through the ranks within a typical corporate IT division.

Diverse careers may involve a mix of positions in corporate, consulting, and start-up environments. They often get broader responsibilities throughout the Digital Adoption lifecycle: digital innovation, transformation, or optimization.

Don’t we have enough professional organizations?

Yes and no. Yes, each specialization within IS and ITM already has well-established international associations. Each offers several certification levels, supported by a proven Body of Knowledge (BOK) uniting best practices in their field.

Professional groups include: AIIM, DAMA, IASA, IIBA, ISACA, (ISC)2, itSMF, PMI; academic: AIS, ACM, IEEE, IFIP, IRMA; and standards with BOK contribution: OASIS, OMG, Open Group.

However, no, there is yet to be an organization that would forge an alliance between all associations, of all kinds, to develop a common framework for the whole profession.

What are the benefits of a new BTM profession?

  1. Students: clear guidance on career paths/growth.
    2. Employers: formal transdisciplinary job profiles.
    3. Managers: standards for promoting through ranks.
    4. Professionals: recognition for multi-certification.
    5. Associations: recruit new members, no competition.
    6. Specializations: formal integration of several BOKs.
    7. Faculty: diffuse research across all specializations.
    8. Academia: simplify accreditation and partner liaison.
    9. Recruitment: promote profession (e.g., CPA, P.Eng.).
    10. Business: higher org. to address complex ethics cases.
    11. Government: specializations share same principles.
    12. Society: fill talent gap, accelerate digital adoption.
    13. Start-ups: facilitate careers in-and-out of corporate.
    14. Innovation: more open, cross-specialization ideas.
    15. Vendors: all specializations have same tech. acumen.

What would the BTM profession look like?

  1. Mission: leading the digital adoption lifecycle.
    2. Members: BTM as multi-certified with broad skill set.
    3. Role: non-competing alliance between associations.
    4. All groups: professional, academic, exec, tech. vendor.
    5. Governance: board rep. for each org., neutral lead.
    6. Certification: address “career paths” through ranks.
    7. Ranks: Associate, Professional, Manager, Executive.
    8. Financials: cheapest rates, only to cover overhead.
    9. Initiatives: create joint ventures between orgs.
    10. BTM BOK: formal integration of all existing BOKs.

What will we discuss at the BTM Symposium?

  1. What are the diverse career paths that need recognition?
    2. How can we integrate BTM-related standards effectively?
    3. What are the best BTM BOK architecture and contents?
    4. How can all BTM-related organizations forge an alliance?

Many sub-questions addressed with audience. Podium open for groups willing to make brief 10-min. statements. Identify leaders for building alliances, develop MOUs, map all BOKs.

Moderated by Dr. Stephane Gagnon, Université du Québec en Outaouais (UQO)

Free to attend. Breakfast and lunch included. Contact Gina van Dalen at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for info.

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