The BTM BOK will provide a systematic, exhaustive, and evolving framework for professional practice standards, in service to support IT Human Resources Management (HRM). It shall help to make BTM job knowledge easily accessible, customizable, and reusable for decision-making by professionals, employers, higher education, and other associations involved with IT-related standards, certification, and accreditation.

btm bok deliverables

Our 3 sub-projects will follow relatively linearly, with some overlap, and rely on complementary methodologies. In particular, the use of surveys to discover the right professional profiles for digital transformation will be essential. The use of text mining to discover potential relationships among numerous integrated standards and specifications will also prove valuable, as a complement to community contributions to our open editorial process. The final reuse scenario, while not a full commercial proof of concept, will nevertheless serve as a technical feasibility and end-user quality assessment of using APIs to distribute our free and open BTM BOK assets.

btm bok deliverables methodologies

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