BTM is a new profession uniting disciplines at the interface of management and technology. These include key research areas taught in business schools and often in partnership with computing schools, such as: Information Systems (IS), Information Technology (IT), Technology and Innovation Management (TIM), Project Management (PM), and Strategic Management and Transformation (SMT).

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While IT Management remains primarily focused on “managing IT for traditional organizations”, BTM focuses on digital organizations. Because transformation is a challenging endeavor, they require professionals that can achieve a high degree of business-technology-management “hybrid acumen” or digital mindset, addressing the following principles:

  • The digital mindset is clearly visible in the 5Ps of your business strategy:
    • the agility in how your people use and master IT;
    • the innovative application of IT throughout your processes;
    • the fusion of IT in your products and services;
    • the unusual places and expanding territory or things where you integrate IT;
    • the strong, transformational leader positioning, in applying IT for business value, relative to other firms in your market and value chain.
  • This hybrid acumen doesn’t come naturally, it requires creative nurturing of people.
  • Creating the digital organization requires a different kind of professional with hybrid skillset.
  • It requires training digital leaders in BTM, with capabilities in both management and technology.

The digital transformation journey presents at each phase new leadership challenges to BTM professionals. While most traditional organizations are familiar with digital projects and programs of small projects, few have entered the “bulk of change” phase where the organization becomes digital. This is where BTM professionals at all ranks become essential, where the organization becomes truly digital, i.e., BTM leaders help making products, process, people, partners, and business portfolios more agile in using IT. Beyond that point, the digital transformation is self-funding through internal savings and renewed competitive positioning.

btm bok digital lifecycle

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