The BTM BOK Framework will serve as a generic core language to integrate several Free, Libre, Open Specifications (FLOS). These have been published under open commercial licenses, such as Eclipse Public License (EPL), European Union Public License (EULP), Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY), and other public-domain contents. When assets contain separate contents with varying licenses, only the commercially-reusable contents are used, to avoid limiting the reuse of our BOK by all organizations.

btm bok integration

The BTM BOK is delivered in a single Eclipse Process Framework (EPF) Wiki, developed through an open community effort to simplify the relationships between several BOKs. It is supported by multiple citations to academic and professional literature, helping learners find the most trusted sources. It is also highly open and customizable, with API to reuse its contents in various Talent Management functions (e.g., custom BTM-compliant job descriptions, automated matching of CVs and job competencies, learning path recommendations given prior experience for recognized BTM careers, etc.).

The resulting wiki contents are structured along a simple menu-driven navigation, allowing to quickly pinpoint BTM BOK contents of interest, as well as map thoroughly the relationships between all components.

btm bok epf

These assets cover all the key dimensions of digital transformation leadership and address the 3 dimensions of the BTM profession: business, technology, and management expertise.


Software Product Management (SPM)


Unified Architecture Method (UAM)


Open Project Management Methodology (OPM2)


Open Unified Process (OUP)    


Agile Business Rule Development (ABRD)


Team Data Science Process (TDSP)


NIST CyberSecurity Framework (CSF)


Free IT Service Management (FitSM)


Usability BoK (UXBOK)


OMG Certified Expert in BPM (OCEB2)


Open Innovation and Design Thinking

< FLOS source to be confirmed soon >


Online Marketing Body of Knowledge (OMBOK)

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