There are 11 main applications that are involved in the BTM BOK development and integration. 

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Systems Descriptions and Demos

The following content provides a brief description of our applications  involved in the BTM BOK development framework along with a short video demo for the use of each.


BTM Forum

ITAC created in 2009 the Business Technology Management (BTM) initiative, promoting a renewed sense of community, mapping many career paths crossing business and technology. In 2016, it launched the BTM Forum (Joomla) website, developing a new Body of Knowledge (BOK) and professional certifications, program accreditation standards, and learning guides to help prepare the next generation of digital transformation leaders.

BTM Forum Registration and Apply for Certifications Demo

BTM Forum

BTM Forum Apps

BTM Forum website integrates several sub-applications or Joomla Extensions: (1) social networking (JomSocial), (2) discussion forums (JomSocial), (3) sophisticated projects plan and development (ProjectFork and JomSocial), and (4) jobs board (JS Jobs). These are accessible by registered users and users groups permissions. They are used for creating development projects, social sharing, discussions as well as for the integration of jobs and CVs reuse.

BTM Forum Apps Demo

BTM BOK Zotero Group

BTM BOK Zotero Group and Citation

Zotero is a free references management software used to manage, collect, organize, cite, and share research. A Zotero referencing app is developed and integrated in BTM BOK apps. To add your references and use them to cite the content inside our apps , you need to:

  • Download and install Zotero desktop
  • Join the BTM BOK Zotero references group on the web
  • Import references from any journal into your local Zotero desktop app
  • Add your references into the BTM group using your local Zotero desktop app
  • Sync from local to web group
  • Reference and cite the content on the apps as shown on the demos.

BTM BOK Zotero Group and Citation Demo



BTM BOK serves as a reference web site to guide practitioners at all levels of Competency: Associate, Professional, Manager, and Executive. It provides a generic core model "centered" on business value and technology, instructing what knowledge and certifications are required to enter new BTM positions and guiding upcoming digital leaders toward the common core competencies of their profession. The Eclipse Process Framework (EPF) Composer is used to develop and design the BTM BOK library integrating various external plugins and assets in a single BOK. The EPF Wiki (a Ruby app) is used to publish, maintain and add contents to the BOK developed in EPF. A Zotero references app is developed and integrated in EPF Wiki to allow for easy insertion of academic and professional literature citations.

Core BTM BOK Demo

BOK Mapping App

Mapping App

BTM BOK mapping application allows members to create mappings or associations between various industry standards and BTM positions to identify and create competencies. Currently 1729 standards and 33 positions information are added and ordered hierarchically. The mapping app also includes adding references and citations through an integrated Zotero references manager app. Each member's created mappings and content can be shared with other members or kept private according to the member intent.

BTM BOK Mapping App Demo

BTM BOK Community

Community App

BTM BOK Community (TikiWiki) app aims to creating a knowledge hub for everyone who is interested in the subject to participate and collaborate. It provides members with a wiki-like environment where they can comment, create, add content to discuss various BTM BOK topics and literature. This allows enhancing BTM BOK community knowledge base and encourages sharing and collaboration.

BTM BOK Community App Demo

BTM BOK Survey App

Survey App

BTM BOK Survey application (a LimeSurvey app) enables easily creating surveys to be used to build case studies and career paths.

BTM BOK Surveys App Demo



BTM BOK Human Resources Management (OrangeHRM) application is used for integrating with other apps to matchmaking between jobs description and candidates.


Portal App

Portal App

BTM Forum website chose an e-learning app (Moodle) as its portal application. While not depicted on our diagram (see top of page), this app will soon allow us to reuse BTM BOK positions and competencies. These items will be inserted directly within the certification process. Equiped with BTM BOK assessment criteria, assessors will be able to rapidly process applications while ensuring standards compliance. The app also enables applicants to finish their applications with minimal staff interventions, track status, receive updates, and get their certification and digital badges for inclusion in web profiles.

Portal Demo

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