What are NOS?

As with all NOS documents, the BTM National Occupational Standards (BTM NOS) will comprise an inventory of the skills, competencies and knowledge that are required to competently perform in a specific set of BTM-related occupations. 

Do other NOS exist?

National Occupation Standards exist in a number of other Canadian industries, and similar documents exist in IT in a number of other national and regional jurisdictions. However, at this point in time it appears that there is no readily, publicly available Canadian NOS, either in IT or in areas aligned with BTM.

Who will benefit from ITAC Talent's BTM NOS?

The BTM NOS will provide numerous HR-related benefits to industry, including supporting worker mobility, informing training initiatives and recognizing worker's skills. However, the intended client base for the BTM NOS is much broader. In addition to providing direct support to industry, the NOS will provide a set of practical guidelines to businesses, educators, trainers, job seekers as well as the government and general public. A variety of stakeholders, including employers, employees, educational institutions, and individuals will be able to put the BTM NOS to a wide variety of uses.

How are ITAC Talent's NOS developed?

The ITAC Talent BTM NOS development is largely industry driven.  The development is comprised of a five step process where research and development leads to different versions of the NOS, each of which is subject to review and validation by appropriate individuals in leadership roles within the Canadian ICT industry.

Where is ITAC Talent's NOS available?

The BTM NOS is freely available under creative commons licensing.

Download ITAC Talent's BTM NOS (PDF)

What about Evergreening?

The ITAC Talent BTM NOS will be subject to an ongoing, planned process of update and evergreening, to ensure that it remains current and relevant to all stakeholders.

How can my organization or I get involved in the NOS development?

Learn about a number of opportunities for you to provide specific feedback on the BTM NOS project. In addition, if you are interested in becoming a member of the advisory group, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Learn more about ITAC Talent’s BTM NOS project.

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