For over a decade, we've worked with policy makers, industry leaders, employers, and professionals to study the Canadian labour market. Our findings have helped to inform the decisions made by governments, industry planners, educators and future and current BTM professionals.

Defining BTM Professional Roles

(2014) The CareerMash Tech Career Resource Kit for Guidance Counsellors and Teachers (ITAC Talent) PDF Download

(2011) "Where are the Women?" (ITAC Annual Review, p. 16) PDF Download

(2010) Canada: the Go-to Country for Brainpower Resources in the Global Digital Economy (ITAC Talent submission to Government of Canada Digital Economy Strategy consultation) PDF Download

(2007) Jobs 2.0: How Canada can win in the 21st century global marketplace for information & communications technologies and services (Information & Communications Technology Council) PDF Download

(2004) IT Industry Trade Associations and the Globalization of Knowledge Work: a review of NASSCOM and the Irish Software Association (ITAC)

National Occupational Standards

As part of a national focus to increase Canada's competitiveness in the global economy, Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) has provided funding to ITAC to assist with the expansion of labour market information definitions through the ITAC business Technology Management (BTM) initiative by developing a prioritized list of National Occupational Standards (BTM-NOS) of Learning Outcomes and Competency Standards (LO/CSs) for BTM as a framework for professional education and career development.

2016 - BTM National Occupational Standards (PDF Download) (ITAC Talent)

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